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Beta biothane is the material of choice in our line of headstalls, reins, breeching, breast collars and cruppers. 

Beta is vinyl coating over nylon webbing with an embossed leather grain. It has the look, heft and feel of leather without all the oiling and cleaning leather requires to keep it supple. Rot and mildew resistant, it will not absorb body acids, stays flexible in freezing temperatures, will not dry out from sun exposure and dosen't become slippery when wet. Beta has the tensile strength of 1000 pounds per square inch of width. Brass hardware is used for a dressed up look!



Our saddle bags are our most popular item. We still make them to be super durable with 1,000-denier Cordura®, double stitching, solid bass zippers and heavy duty water resistant pack cloth inside but now all bags come with removable INSULATED LINERS!

Our bags can be used without liners if you need more room

or with liners for insulation. 

Colors - Black, Brown or Orange

12" x 14" x 5"     $100     *Insulated liners included

10" x 12" x 4"     $80       *Insulated liners included

PRO TIP: Drop your liner into a plastic bag before inserting in your saddle bag for even more insulation.


Customize your bags
with embroidery
for an additional cost.

AC019A (2).JPG


Made of 1,000- denier weather resistant Dupont Cordura®. They are light weight and will pack in a small area. A must for hunters and trail riders, or when working stock. They are double sewn, have a velcro closure back belt and industrial brass zippers. These chaps provide weather-proof protection against brush, thorns, rain, mud and snow. 

Colors - Brown, Black or Orange


*Chaps are made to order therefore are not returnable.



Made with the same 1,000-denier Dupont Cordura®, these cantle bags compliment our saddle bags while allowing easy access to your gear on the trail. They are lined with our soft, water resistant pack cloth and the solid brass zipper is covered with a flap. Dee rings along the bottom for attachment. Two sizes available.

Colors - Brown or Orange

Small     19" x 6" x 5"     $25

Large     19" x 11" x 8"     $35



Headstalls are made with Beta Biothane and solid brass hardware. We can customize a headstall to fit any equine. 


Available in 3/4" or 1" width

Adjustment on both sides

Colors - Black or Brown

3/4" width     $35

1" width     $40

2-Mule head cochos $10 extra



We make two styles of saddle scabbards. Both are made of

1,000-denier Cordura®, 1/4" water resistant closed cell foam and are completely lined with soft nylon material. Included are two 50" adjustable straps with eight different places to attach the straps, to assure perfect balance and correct positioning.

Deluxe Zippered Scabbard

Completely encloses your firearm. Has a heavy-duty brass zipper that closes the end of the scabbard giving your valuable firearm the most security.

Open End Scabbard

Same materials but with an open end for quick and easy access. 

Colors - Brown, Black or Orange




These bags are designed to curve away from your body while riding. They are 8" x 10" x 3" and are made

just like our saddle bags. 

Colors - Black, Brown or Orange

8" x 10" x 3"     $30     without insulated liners

8" x 10" x 3"     $50     with insulated liners




Picket Hobble

 Made of 2" premium nylon webbing lined with neoprene. Heavy 2" dee ring for stake out.      $15

Chain Hobble

Two of our picket hobbles with a short link of chain attached by 2 quick links. Superior strength and convenience as these can also be used independently.     


3-Way Hobble

 Consist of a set of chain hobbles plus a separate picket hobble for the back foot. A double layer of nylon strap attaches to chain at one end and to picket with a bullnose snap. Great for training!     




Tuff Enuff breast collars are made with beta biothane in a "pulling collar" style. Neoprene lined breast plates hug the neck from a center ring on the chest and attach to pomel straps at the saddle horn. Adjustable attachment also between the legs to the cinch making this collar comfortable as well as functional.

Colors - Black or Brown     $70

IMG_0114 2.JPG


Tuff Enuff riding breeching is made with a 3 inch wide butt strap and lined with soft neoprene. Drop straps are 3/4" and adjustable with buckles (not conway buckles). Saddle straps are adjustable with buckles and snaps. All hardware is solid brass. It comes with both flank and quarter straps. The flank straps attach to the rigging dee's in your saddle. The quarter straps attach to your cinch ring or you can attach to the center dee in your cinch to keep the cinch from working forward

Standard breeching comes with a 40" butt strap.

Custom sizes available. 

Colors - Black/Brown


*This beta material will not stiffen, mold or mildew. No oiling required simply rinse with water to clean. 


Reins look like leather but with NO maintenance! Beta stays soft and flexible even in cold weather. 3/4" width with snaps included. 

Split Reins     7.5 ft     $22

Roper Reins     9 ft     $18

*Barrel/Roper reins have conway buckle for adjustments.


All of our orders are take over the phone in order to discuss fit and sizing. If you have any questions on our products or are ready to place and order, simply call us!


If you need to send photos or ask questions you can

email or text us!

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

*We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover

*Shipping is additional.

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